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Jeffco Workshop, Inc. is a non-profit organization that offers adult citizens with disabilities and opportunity for employment. Jeffco provides this opportunity by marketing services and products locally, as well as throughout the State of Ohio. Work opportunities are provided both in the sheltered environment and at community work location for approximately 200 individuals. 

Services Offered

Your building’s janitorial and maintenance needs are unique. That’s why we devote considerable time and attention to developing  a customized program for each location. We offer a custodial service that is versatile and equipped to handle your particular job. Custodial services are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our crews are dependable and extensively trained and supervised. They are totally dedicated to customer satisfaction and high quality service.

Packaging services include shrink wrapping, hand counting and packaging, small parts packaging, weight counting and packaging, and heat sealing.

Jeffco’s mailing services can relieve your staff of valuable time spent on tasks that out program can easily perform. Whether the project is small and simple, or large and detailed, we can provide you with quality service. In preparing your mailing project, we offer services such as collating, folding, stapling, and labeling. We apply postage; sort by zip code, alphabetically, or whatever the job requires; and bundle or process for bulk mail. We will provide pick up and delivery.

Small Parts Assembly and Packaging
Jeffco will do your small parts assembly for you with a very high degree of quality. Three and four step assembly jobs can be done at a very competitive price. Jeffco can also provide nearly any type of packaging and assembly service to meet your needs, whether it be first aid kits, balloons, silverware or packaged promotional items. Whatever your assembly or packaging needs may be we will be happy to work with you to get it done.

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  • We specialize in low-tech and piecework projects
  • We’re cost competitive
  • We deliver all the benefits of sub-contracting
  • We’ll free up your employees for more productive work
  • We’ll get your work out “on time”
  • We’ll meet all your job specs
  • We’ll ship and deliver