Our Mission

The mission of the Jefferson County Board of Developmental Disabilities is to establish quality support focused on the individual which will provide opportunities for informed choices and achievements of the choices. These choices will provide an opportunity for individuals to plan their futures in where they live, work, learn and develop social relationships.

Superintendent Message

Welcome to the Jefferson County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  Since 1967 our program has served as an advocate, service provider, protector, developer and supporter of services for individuals from birth through adulthood.  Without our program, I can’t imagine what it would be like today for individuals with special needs.

Ohio has developed a great system of support for individuals with DD. All 88 counties throughout Ohio have a County Board of DD that is supported by local levies. The support of our residents in Jefferson County has fostered our program’s services, growth, and our clients’ well-being. For that, our program is grateful.

As you explore our website please read about the wide range of services available, our calendar, news, newsletters and resources.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave it by clicking on the “contact us” tab.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

It is my commitment to always seek ways to improve service, community access, over-site and advocacy while always working to insure the health, safety and welfare of those we serve.  Thank you for visiting our site to learn more about JCBDD.

Michael J. Zinno, CPA, MBA

Jefferson County Board of DD

Leadership Team

Michael Zinno, CPA, MBA
Residential Manager – Shaffer Plaza
Natalie Baird, LSW
Business Manager
Randy Cottis
Director of Consumer Support
Darlene Perko
Principal, School of Bright Promise
Jane Bodo
Human Resources Coordinator
Dianne Paice
Early Intervention & Preschool
Neysa Rogers
Community Employment
Renee Pastre
Community Integration
Alex “Cookie” West

Board Members

Chris Irvin President
Lorie Sullivan Vice President
James Morgan Secretary
Stephanie Chester Board Member
Dr. Ed Florak Board Member
William Kerr Board Member
Jim Padden Board Member