The SSA Department provides services to children, upon request of family/guardian and all adults receiving services from the Jefferson County Board of DD. The SSA serves as the single point of accountability by providing assistance in the coordination of services in the community and across service systems.

They assist individuals to:

  • Determine their eligibility for services;
  • Develop plans so that people can get the services they want and need;
  • Provide information and referral ;
  • Assist in understanding their rights and responsibilities;
  • Establish budgets for services desired;
  • Assist people to find qualified service providers…and providers they like;
  • Maintain Waiting Lists for residential-type services;
  • Monitor/revise services to insure the person’s health and safety…and  over-all satisfaction with their life;
  • Develop tools to assist people to maintain healthy behavioral outcomes;
  • Help people become more connected to their communities;
  • Assist people and their families to make plans for the future.

Eligibility & Intake

The Service Support Administration office is responsible for determining a person’s eligibility for all County Board Services, excluding school-age education.  Eligibility is determined by the Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument (OEDI) for ages 16+ and the Children’s Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument (COEDI) for ages 6-15.

Residential/Waiver Services

The SSA can assist individuals with residential type services with the following options:

Waivers: The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities administers two medicaid-funded waivers, which allow individuals to live in community settings of their choice.

  • Individual Options Waiver (I.O. Waiver)
  • Level 1 Waiver

ICF/MR: Residential Placement in a licensed Medicaid operated home.

Family Support Services: Limited funding to assist families to maintain an individual within the home.  This may include but is not limited to, adaptive equipment, respite care, minor home modifications, dietary & daily living supplies and emergency assistance.

Major Unusual Incident (MUI)

The Service Support Administration Office is also responsible for managing and monitoring incidents that adversely affect the health and safety of individuals with developmental disabilities in order to prevent or reduce the risk of harm.

Behavioral Supports

The Service Support Administration Office is committed to assisting people with developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges.  The array of services include:  coordinating assessments, facilitating meetings, developing informal/formal support strategies/recommendations and providing links to information and further referral.

Transition to Adulthood

A collaborative program between the Ohio Rehabilitation Commission, Ohio Association of County Boards of DD and the Jefferson County Board of DD. Bridges to Transition currently works with students from all the local school districts and the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School.

It is a program designed to provide training and resources, to individuals with developmental disabilities (ages 14-22), needed for successful transition from school to work.

Services include:

  • Eligibility Determination
  • Educating individuals, families and schools about training/employment options. Including effects on current benefits.
  • Develop Individual Employment Plans (IPE).
  • Monitor progress throughout the plan.
  • Coordinate services with school.
  • Link individual to appropriate services including, but not limited to: Job Shadowing, Job Coaching, Job Placement, Personal and Work Adjustment, Summer Youth Programs and Drivers’ Education.

Darlene Perko, Director 740.266.3843   ext. 2110
Annette Petrella 740.266.4291   ext. 2123
Service and Support Administrators
Lynette Ekey 740.266.4291   ext. 2120
Anthony Colabella 740.266.4219 ext.
Tammy Cain 740.266.4219 ext. 2119
Stacey McAllister 740.266.4291   ext. 2122
Brenda Nobile 740.266.4291   ext. 2117
Steve Smith 740.266.4291   ext. 2114
Ryan Wood 740.266.4291   ext. 2115
Transition to Adulthood
Alex “Cookie” West 740.266.4291   ext. 2118

Emergency Services

The SSA Office can be reached after hours and weekends for emergency purposes by calling 740.266.4291 or 740.264.7176 and following the commands.