Your Child’s Potential is Unlimited

Every Child is Unique and Capable of Learning

The family experience of children with challenging behaviors and special developmental and medical needs is particularly important for their future development and success. Fortunately, these infants and toddlers are eligible to receive Early Intervention Services through the Jefferson County Board of Developmental Disabilities. The program is funded by the Jefferson County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  ALL children in Jefferson County newborn to age three are entitled to receive a FREE developmental assessment in their HOME.  The assessment may also be completed at another location; the place is decided by the parent or caregiver.

Early Intervention Program

Jefferson County’s Early Intervention Program serves high-risk children from birth to three years of age who have behavior problems, developmental delays, or language delays. This family-driven program aims at providing children with the skills and behaviors needed for integration into regular education settings, and at enabling families to develop the skills and knowledge that will help them to work more effectively with their children.  Parents and the Early Intervention Specialist implement the interventions with their children, thus empowering families and helping them invest in reaching solutions for themselves. An experienced professional staff assists the Early Intervention Specialist.  They provide guidance and expertise. There is no financial cost to the family.

To schedule a visit for a developmental assessment contact Early Intervention of Jefferson County at 740-264-5812 ext:1130.

  • Basic information will be asked…, address, phone number, child’s date of birth.
  • A date, time and place will be determined by the Early Intervention coordinator.
  • At the visit we will get to know you and your child.  The assessment is a lot of play and some questions for the caregiver.
  • A follow up appointment will be scheduled,  At this appointment the service coordinator will review the results of the assessments and possible services will be explained.  If EARLY INTERVENTION sounds like a service that would interest you.  THEN….
  • A plan will be written…Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)…by YOU and the SERVICE COORDINATOR.  The IFSP will list the services that you have decided upon for your child.
  • The Early Intervention Specialist will visit you at your home, where your child is most comfortable, and teach you knew techniques and approaches to help your child.
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