The Family Liaison is a service offered to parents, families, and caregivers with a child in Jefferson County with a developmental disability in need of support and connection to services in the community. The ultimate goal is to empower parents and caregivers to make and implement positive decisions necessary for their children. The family liaison works with parents and caregivers to understand their questions and concerns, and to develop a plan to address the family’s needs. The family liaison helps identify appropriate community resources; helps to improve communication between parents, schools, mental health providers, and other community resources; and works collaboratively as part of a team. 

Jefferson County Board of DD also offers behavior support coordination services for adult consumers. These services offer positive behavioral intervention supports when needed. The behavior support coordinator assesses, develops strategies, trains staff and team members to help support the individual to create a good life.  Also, if needed assess and completes restrictive behaviors support strategies assuring compliance to the Behavior Support Rule.  

Jefferson County Board of DD also has a Human Rights committee which consists of staff, parents of individuals who receive services and self-advocates. This committee meets monthly to review and possible request for rights restrictions reviews positive plans and reviews plan with restrictive measures to assure compliance with the Behavior Support Rule.