Your Tax Dollars are at Work through JCBDD

With the November elections coming up, it provides an opportunity to reflect, recognize and analyze how our local levy dollars are used.

Our first levy was passed in 1971 and was followed by an increase in 1985, and then a second levy was passed in the early 1990s as a 10-year measure. Since then, only the latter levy has been renewed with no additions placed on the ballot.

The Jefferson County Board of Developmental Disabilities has strived to remain financially prudent, responsible and adaptive and our board’s leadership team has enabled the program to operate with relatively the same local funding.  Using our yearly cost report, our local levy supports the following areas: the Jeffco Services adult program, the School of Bright Promise, case management services, Shaffer Plaza, early intervention, community employment, general administration, family resources and federal Medicaid matching funds.

As you can see, every program we operate relies in some way on our local levy system. Jefferson County is not alone; all 88 counties in Ohio have local levy support for their boards. Ohio’s system for supporting individuals with disabilities is arguably one of the top in the country. I am proud to live in a state that has developed an effective system  which supports individuals with disabilities.

With our total effective tax rate at 1.54 percent, it ranks us in the lower 10 percent of levy support across all 88 counties. It is with much appreciation that we thank Jefferson County voters for their past support. We will continue to take seriously the trust bestowed upon us and will remain diligent as we continue to analyze the best use of county tax dollars.