Some Reasons to be Thankful This Holiday Season

November is a time of Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks to those around us. Because time goes by too fast, failing to thank those around us happens too often. Let me take a moment to reflect upon what I am thankful for:
—Being surrounded by family and friends;
—The ability to get up and go to work;
—The co-workers who are committed to our program and those we serve;
—The leaders of the State of Ohio and their commitment to those we serve;
—Jefferson County residents that support our program;
—The volunteers of our program;
—The Jefferson County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Jeffco board members;
—Past leaders of our program;
—Our independent and agency providers;
—Financial stability within our program and the county government;
—The county commissioners and probate judge who appoint our board members;
—The support of our local school districts that makes it possible to serve kids at the School of Bright Promise;
—The challenges each day brings, both personally and professionally. With them, I am reminded of my purpose in life.

I wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season. May you be blessed with being surrounded by family and friends.